Supporting Psychonauts with Integration, Education and Practice Navigating Nonordinary States of Consciousness through safe and legal means.

Breathwork for Psychonauts is the forum developed by Ryan Westrum and Jay Dufrechou, authors of The Psychedelics Integration Handbook, for offering experiences in breathwork, other integration practices, lectures, discussions, and community building for people interested in exploring nonordinary states of consciousness for personal growth, healing, and inspiration.

While astronauts explore the universe of external space, psychonauts undertake internal adventures. The Urban Dictionary defines a psychonaut as “a person who spends time exploring the universe right inside their own head.” Often this involves the use of psychedelic substances but the launch into inner space may begin with any of the means humans have used for millennia to open the doors of perception and connect with sacred realms, including breathwork, music, drumming, chanting, and dancing.

In our experiential workshops, we emphasize breathwork in the style developed by psychedelics pioneer Stanislav Grof and his late wife Christina. We have found the Grofian style of breathwork holds great potential for assisting people in the integration of psychedelic experiences. This may involve deepening awareness or understanding, bringing experiences into the body and emotions, moving from isolated nonordinary experience to life transformation, or healing from unfinished or difficult experiences with psychedelics. Just as importantly, breathwork offers a training ground for navigating inner terrains and developing best practices for making the most of nonordinary state work. The safe and supportive atmosphere developed by the Grofs also models the ideal “set and setting” for psychedelics work, offering essential experience for explorers and all those who act as guides or facilitators.

While our workshops are designed to support those on a path using psychedelics, we do not allow unlawful substances in our settings and make use of the breath, music, and tried and true practices for supporting and integrating nonordinary states. In this way, Breathwork for Psychonauts offers safe and legal alternatives to psychedelics for all those interested in exploring inner space and an open community for finding fellow travelers in the evolution of individual and collective consciousness.

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